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Established in 1986 as Edasu Premium Sdn. Bhd., the Company went into a smart partnership with Hiromori Inc. of Japan in 1996 to become Edasu Hiromori Sdn. Bhd. (Edasu Hiromori), a leading premiums and promotion company in the country.
Hiromori Inc. of Japan is one of the leading promotional companies in Japan with more than 50 successful years of expertise in the business. With offices in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai and Guangdong, the partnership has strengthened our position not only in offering unique services and benefits, but also in enhancing our resources capability for promotional ideas on a regional basis.
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Edasu Hiromori is the Malaysian representative to the International Advertising Gift Council (IGC), an exclusive association of leading premium companies in the world based in Brussels. Through this association, Edasu Hiromori is kept abreast of the latest developments and innovations in the industry internationally.
With the smart partnership and riding on our years of experience in the local premiums and promotions industry, Edasu Hiromori is able to develop impressive ideas and provide the highest level of services to achieve your promotional needs.
Today, Edasu Hiromori is able to provide the full range of services from promotion conceptualisation to its successful implementation. We have strategic working relationship with major advertising, direct marketing, events marketing, database management and telemarketing companies to provide you with the Total Integrated Solution for your promotion needs.

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