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We believe in professionalism. Edasu Hiromori is managed by a team of professionals trained in various disciplines and encompassing a wealth of experiences, ready and willing to take on any challenges in the promotions business to get the best results for YOU.
In Edasu Hiromori, we continually strive to improve our services to our valued clients. Our strategic alliances with advertising direct marketing database management and telemarketing companies enable us to provide our client the TOTAL INTEGRATED SOLUTON to meet their promotional objectives.
We use our innovative experience, skills and international networking to serve and assist our clients achieve their promotional objectives. We provide support in various areas to ensure clients enjoy that extra value-added advantage in their promotional effort.
IT Support
Creative & Design Support
Research & Development Support
In recognising the high IT requirements of managing loyalty programs, the Company has set up an in-house IT Department to provide the requisite IT support. The Company is now using third-generation fulfilment software and the software is continuously being improved to meet our client's requirements. All these translate to more efficient and expedient services.

We have an in-house creative and design team to provide the necessary creative input for the promotional needs.

We have scored major successes in the creation of children's game sets and other children items, which we have successfully developed for our national air carrier.

The Company also has an in-house team that focuses on research in the promotion business. Trend analysis, research into promotional activities in the local and overseas context is carried out by this team. This will ensure that we are in the forefront of the promotions business.