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Product Code: JVC0002
Product Name: JVC Digital Video Camera
Reward Points : 24,500
Description : 700x Super Digital Zoom
Product Code: CMM0005
Product Name: Canon MV500i Digital Camcorder
Reward Points : 26,900
Product Code: OCT0002
Product Name: Samsung Fino 15SE QD Camera
Reward Points : 1,100
Product Code: OCT0006
Product Name: Samsung Fino 35SE QD Camera
Reward Points : 2,500
Description: with Date-28mm Lens.
Description : With Date-28mm Lens.
Product Code: OM0002
Product Name: Olympus SuperZoom 70G
Reward Points : 3,200
Product Code: OCT0003
Product Name: Samsung Digimax 200 Digital Camera
Reward Points : 8,000
Description: (38-70mm zoom lens)
Product Code: FPA0007
Product Name: Ricoh YF-11ST Compact Camera
Reward Points : 1,200
Description : 700x Digital Zoom
Product Code: OM0001
Product Name: Olympus TRIP 505
Reward Points : 1,200
Description : 27mm Focus Free Camera
Product Code: OM0006
Product Name: Olympus C-120 Camedia Digital Camera
Reward Points : 8,100
Description : 2.0 Megapixels
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